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Account Closure lol

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Влепили мне седня уродцы, пипец, фиг знает с чего.
Никогда никому даж голд не отдавал.
Буду разбираться.


We are writing to inform you that we have, unfortunately, had to cancel your World of Warcraft account:

Account Name:  ******
Type of Violation: Involvement in online trading activities
Investigation Concluded: 22/12/2009
Consequences for Account: Account Cancellation

It is with regret that we take this type of action, however, it is in the best interest of the World of Warcraft community as a whole, and for the integrity of the game, that your access to the World of Warcraft servers be cancelled.

Online trading refers to the exchange of in-game content for real world money, and includes, but is not limited to, the sale or purchase of gold, the sale or purchase of experience in the form of powerlevelling, and the sale or purchase of honor points, reputation or items.

Account access is the responsibility of the account owner and account sharing is against our Terms of Use ( Therefore, should you believe someone other than yourself (the account owner) has committed this violation of the Terms of Use with your account, these sanctions would still apply, as our action is taken against the account, not the individual.

If you wish to review our current Rules and Polices, they can be found at:


Account Administration Team
Blizzard Entertainment Europe



Соболезную. Тут главное выбрать нужную позицию общения с сапортом. Дави на свою правоту.
Я уже много с ними тёр на всевозможные темы, всегда получал что хотел. Главное настойчивость.



Написал 2 письма, полностью объяснил че да как :)


Вы здесь » Fasten the Seatbelts » Общий форум » Account Closure lol